Blueprint for Life – Obedience



Where do we find that “blueprint for life?”  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to order it online, or to download it onto an app and have the path clearly defined?  What if we are looking for directions and clarity in the wrong spot?  What if we truly CAN have a blueprint for life?

I have asked that question often of the Lord, for a manual, for some insight into certain seasons and segment of my life.  He has shown me glimpses of things, but most often there is no sign of a roapmap, atlas, manual, or instruction booklet.  However, I have learned that the Good Book, aka the Bible, is chock full of instructions.  Hmmm…could this be the blueprint that we are all seeking?

Let’s explore that further and find out!

I was listening to a great speaker a few years back and he was talking about the great architect, Father God Himself.  (Heb 11:10) This led me to the name of my coaching business, as I continued to seek the Lord on moving forward He has given me this verse is in the Faith Hall of Fame chapter of Hebrews.  That struck me and I chose to follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting to dig into this a bit more.

As the author and perfecter of our faith, Jesus leads us into deeper intimacy with the Father.  Notice the currency is faith.  This is illustrated over and over again in Heb 11, as well as many other areas of the Bible.

How do we spend or use this faith?  It is through obedience.  When we decide to use our faith, and honor God, we choose obedience and this is an action of our will.  So how does this play out in everyday life, as we navigate the seasons, struggles, and even suffering?  We choose to obey His commands. There are many detailed commandments in the Bible, including over 100 “one anothers” on how to live this Christian life in community.  However they all boil down to the 2 Great Commandments:  Love God and Love One Another.

I am learning to ask questions of the Lord when in these seasons of struggling.  “What are you up to here, Lord?”  “How do you want me to respond, and how are you using this in the kingdom?”  What questions we ask of the Lord are critical as to growing our intimacy with Him.  Remember, He alone is the author and perfecter of our faith.  This is loving Him, by inviting Him into each detail.

He then equips me to be able to choose to bless and not curse when there is a hurt from an “enemy”. Choosing to forgive is an action, and it is done as an outcome of our faith in the Forgiver, no the offender. When we choose obedience, notice how you feel…  What is happening in your body physically? Check your emotions?  How is your soul in this moment? This is what is referred to in the Bible as our “countenance”… that outward expression of what is going on in our spirit.  It can be experienced by others – so no wonder the Father wants us to obey. It all leads to community, of drawing others to Him.  It all points back to Him!!

Obedience is also God’s love language.  Check it out for yourself by studying the word OBEY in the Bible.  “those who love me obey my commands” is repeated often.

Lots to unpack here, but I wanted to stir up my fellow believers with this blog entry.  We are far too sleepy these days as a Church. The outworking of our faith is to obey.  What does obedience look like in your life today?

How have you shown Father how you love Him today?  What does that look like?