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Intended to turn a great leader into a Strengths Champion, I give tools to build a strengths-based culture within your workplace.

Favorite Books

See the books that have impacted my life!


by Greg McKweon
This is a more recent read for me and I am still digesting and meditating on these concepts. I am slowly essentializing my life, and it takes time. From calendar, to attention, to closets, and the “stuff” that accumulates with each passing year. This was a great resource to help with “making the most of my days” and beginning to feel like I get to decide where my time is spent and how I will spend it. A newer concept for me!! I have long been a servant of others, and doing what needs to be done, but this book helped me to determine how to BEST spend my time. A work in progress, for sure!

He Loves Me

by Wayne Jacobson
This book brought me more clarity on the love of the Father. He loves me with an everlasting love, and I get to receive it. It is a process of revelation and receiving.

Attributes of God, Vol 1 

by A.W. Tozer
By exploring the attributes of God, Tozer led me into deeper intimacy with the Lord in these books. To learn about his Holiness and His Omnipresence and more created awareness of the vastness of God that I hadn’t heard of before these volumes.

Attributes of God, Vol 2

by A.W. Tozer
Dive even deeper into the subject in Volume 2. In this follow up, Tozer looks at 10 more attributes of God.

Breaking Free

by Beth Moore


by Catherine Marshall


by Stasi and John Eldredge
In reading this book and attending the Captivating conference in the mountains of Colorado, I was able to understand that God wants intimacy with me, He wants me to share everything with Him, as I would a loving father. He is captivated by me and all of those little girl questions are all answered by Him…because HE is the answer.


by Jim Wilder
This is where I have discovered neurotheology – how our brain processes God. I am still walking through this book a little at a time- and what led me to it was wanting to learn more about “hesed” love. This book explains it and I am able to grasp the fringe of God’s love for me – learning to embrace the fullness of it!

The Practice of the Presence of God

by Brother Lawrence


The Pursuit of God

by A.W. Tozer

Waking the Dead

by John Eldredge

10 Lies the Church Tells Women

by Lee Grady

Finding Church

by Wayne Jacobson

Grasping God's Word

textbook by Duvall and Hayes

Beautiful Outlaw

by John Eldridge

Hiding Place

by Corrie ten Boom

Walking with God

by John Eldridge

Strongest Strong’s Concordance

by James Strong

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

by W.E. Vine

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