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Promised Land Living offers Biblically based programs that uniquely incorporate group and individual coaching.

Professional Christian Coaching Institute

We’re the world leader in virtual life and leadership coach training providing education for those transitioning into the explosive new field of professional Christian coaching.


Intended to turn a great leader into a Strengths Champion, I give tools to build a strengths-based culture within your workplace.

Revised Version Now Available!

Find the hope and healing you have been looking for. Discover The Truth About Church Wounds Revised Version today!

Enjoy learning in a group setting? Join the Truth About Church Wounds Online Bible Study waitlist! Find God's truth about church wounds with your One-Anothers.

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Ask Pamela to speak to your church or organization and be encouraged as she shares her leadership experience at home, church, and in the work place! Request More Information.

Can Coaching help me?!

Wondering how coaching can help you? Schedule a free consultation and find out how Pamela can assist you through the 4D Coaching Process! 4D Coaching Process