Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is something that is defined by the act of leading, whether it is as a CEO of a large corporation, a teacher leading students, or leadership skills in your family.

If you are looking for growth and the expansion of your organizations…

If you are wanting to develop and leverage your influence to inspire growth…

If you desire to see change in yourself and those you manage and advise…

As a leader you have the opportunity to influence many. I enjoy working with you to design a coaching experience tailored for your unique challenges and personality. 

By defining, developing, and deploying your strengths, you are able to impact the environment in which you lead.

Executive and Leadership Development

Do you wonder how to define your vision and lead from strength?

Leaders face specific challenges…

How do I develop emotional intelligence in myself and others?

What are the leadership essentials I need to know?

Where do I start my personal growth?

What is the best way to gain 360 feedback?

How do I delegate successfully? 

Focusing on your challenges as an executive leader, we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions but a personalized plan to help you with the unique issues you face. 

Our goal in these sessions is based on 4D coaching to help both current and emerging leaders to:

  • Discover Leading Strengths
  • Define with Wisdom and Vision
  • Develop Self and Teams 
  • Deploy to impact the organization and the world

It can be difficult to make the mindset shift from a “problem state” or a “stuck-ness mentality” into new perspectives, even opportunities!

Through coaching, executive leaders can gain awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and purposeful action to deploy into new areas for themselves, those they lead, and for the Kingdom. 

What should you expect to achieve?


  • Executive Presence & EQ
  • Succession Planning
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Assessments
  • Clear & Effective Communication


  • Client Acquisition and Retention
  • Vision Design & Alignment
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Goal Clarification & Execution
  • Board Facilitation


  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Relational Coordination
  • Team Empowerment & Agility
  • Transition management
  • Practical & interactive training

Why Choose Pamela?

When you are looking for growth, I bring a professionalism and a profound insight that will build on your unique strengths.

You will come away from coaching with awareness, inspiration and an actionable plan to move your forward faster in your desired direction.  

Providing the edge and traction your team needs for building and sustaining your organization, I help you discover new perspectives and gain a fresh awareness.

I have been trained and am certified in Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching through PCCI and IEHSS. I also serve as Faculty at Professional Christian Coaching Institute in the School of Leadership.

See what others are saying…

Working with Pam has been such a wonderful asset for my life and business! She helps me focus during our sessions and leads me through a process of discovery that has helped me break through old mindsets and tightly held beliefs. I love our time together and I LOVE that she is coming from a Christian perspective. She is such a great listener and I always feel safe with her during our times together.

 Jen H., Business Owner

“I have had the privilege of observing Pam Mertz interact with coaching recipients in the context of training professionals to represent the benefits of effective medical technology.  She combines several attributes that show through her approach.  They include superior content expertise, a highly effective communications style, and perhaps most importantly, a sensitivity to the specific needs of the recipient.  In our medical device training process that Pam has been a part of for several years, she consistently receives strong positive feedback from the individuals she is working with.  It is a privilege to offer this endorsement of Pam as a professional coach.”

Dr. James Ehlen, MD., CEO RespirTech

“I have looked to Pam for advice for many years.  She has never disappointed.  She has a wealth of experience to draw on and is gifted with remarkable wisdom.  I am fortunate to count her as a friend and advisor.”

Dr. Preston Campbell, CEO of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Starting is Simple

As a leader, your time is precious. I want to make getting started as simple as possible. 

To find out more about 4D Leadership Coaching, schedule a discovery call or email me to find out more information.

This is our opportunity to discover how to best develop and define you and your organization’s strengths to move forward into your desired future. 

Connect with me to set up a Discovery Call to see if the timing is right for you to invest in yourself as a leader and be able to bring all you possess to those you lead.

Pamela Mertz
Blue Print Life
St. Michael, MN