Coaching is a very unique option for someone seeking partnership in working through things and moving forward in life. It’s one of the oldest professions out there – for good reason! Much wisdom comes from collaboration, seeking other’s advice and learning from others. But no one can really know or decide what’s best for another person. Therefore, what’s most helpful is when you know for yourself, from within yourself, what is truly your direction and created purpose for life.

That’s one of the distinctions from mentoring or counseling, where one is advising or telling the other what they should or should not do. There are times and places for those roles, but many times, when we are given a direction or instruction, we fail to follow through. However, when the drive comes from within us, we are naturally more motivated and committed to reaching our goals.

The role of a coach is to come alongside you to give a safe place to process life and to move forward. We all desperately desire to be heard and sometimes that’s all it takes: to be given a space to hear our own voice as we process our life circumstances and desires.

You can expect to call into a conference call line, and spend some time with Pamela as she asks key questions to help you clarify your goals and what it is you are looking to accomplish in the 50 minute coaching session.  This will be a time of exploration, clarity and action.

This Free First Coaching call will be just like any coaching call, but give you an opportunity to “try coaching on” to see if it is what you are looking for at this time.

Are you ready to schedule your first free hour of coaching?