Spiritual Formation

Healing and Wholeness is God’s Design

God has clearly indicated to us that we are to walk in the fullness of life and experience His fruit of the Spirit.  If there are areas in your life that are less than this, exploring some healing options may be for you.

Inner Healing Ministry

Many Believers wonder “where is this abundant life” that Jesus came to give me, and is spoken of in John 10:10?

We serve, we submit, we attend Bible studies, and yet there are things that continue to harass us and steal the joy, the peace that we know we are supposed to walk in.

What is missing is the HOW…

As a trained minister, Pamela has been through much healing in her own life, through many different methods, including counseling, inner healing ministry, and the 7-Step Shift in Promised Land Living.

Now on staff at Promised Land Living, whose ministry is growing nationally, she trains coach presenters in this process.  See more at www.promisedlandliving.com

What she has found is that in some cases there is inner healing that is needed, a deep wounding that creates a blockage, if you will, that prevents Believers from Receiving.  

This is where inner healing ministry can be helpful!

Single Issue Sessions – 2-3 hours

  • In a session, you will learn the Biblical commands that God provided for healing, as well as practical application to use to heal an area of your life.  For example, if you battle fear or abandonment.

Comprehensive Sessions – package of 5, 2-3 hour sessions

  • Client will schedule 5 sessions and expect to walk through many areas of oppression in their lives, systematically, using Biblical principles, to receive the freedom God intends.  There is some light homework between sessions.

Spiritual Mentoring

Mentored and taught by many in her journey, Pamela wants to pay it forward to those who are also looking for helpful tools to build their faith, and those learning how follow the Bible’s commands:

-Walking by the Spirit – What does walking by the Sprit look like, practically speaking?

One Anothering – How DO I interact with other Believers?

-Submit to the Lord – What do I believe about submission?

-Marriage roles – How do we walk in them fully as a husband or a wife? God designed this for His purposes, what are they?

-Parenting support –As a mother of three sons, and a mentor to many moms, Pamela can share her experience with you here too.

-Spiritual Gifts and Strengths- What is my role in the Kingdom? 

Pamela is certified in Strengths Finders and can help you discover God’s design for you and how to use; your gifts, talents, and strengths in areas that bring you life!

Group Sessions

Promised Land Living is a group coaching experience of Biblical methods of “doing life” as designed by God.  There are courses available and they fill fast, with only 8 seats in each course. 

Reserve yours now!

If you are interested in learning more about what might be the best way for you to step into your healing journey, schedule a free discovery call with Pam and find out about Spiritual Formation.