Take Courage


What does this word evoke in you?

Courage is something that can be exciting, inspirational on the brave “edge” of the blade. But it can also be something just out of reach, something that is desperately craved in a moment of uncertainty, a moment of need.

Many have written, spoken, and described COURAGE in many ways. I have had a recent revelation that I would like to share, as it has helped me to reframe courage and how I can operate in that space of “courageousness”.

I was a Sunday School teacher for 3-year-olds many years ago now, which included my then 3-year-old son. As you can imagine, I have many stories of things that I learned from this group of preschool boys that stick with me to this day. They blessed me immensely and stretched me in ways that no other group has! One of the songs we sang in this class was “Joshua 1:9!” The antics of these young, pure, bold preschool boys during this song were priceless! They were flexing their muscles and shaking their heads and wagging their fingers with PURE JOY upon their faces as they belted out the lyrics, “do NOT be terrified!” It really struck me that their young, childlike faith was letting all this truth into a place in their brains to be used for a later date. These Scriptural Truths are given to us, so we can use them,
apply them, operate in them as needed. Like adding tools to a toolbox, or toolbelt. Not sure when I will need this, but it looks like a good tool to have. Others have told me this tool will be useful in the future, so I will pick this one up too.

Courage is one of those tools. It is not something we can muster, create, or work hard enough to earn. It is a tool, something we get to receive.

When do we need this courage? Today, in this age of so much turmoil, uncertainty, and conflict, it feels like a tool I need as often as a fork!! At least 3 times a day!

But how do I access this tool? Where does courage come from? How do I use it?

Jesus tells us in the New Testament several times, to “take courage”. Seven times in fact. To TAKE courage. Hmmmm…where do we take it from?

From Jesus, of course. He has all the courage we need for every circumstance that we will ever encounter. That is so reassuring! This word, take, in the Greek has a bit more to the definition that our English word. I so love digging into the original languages of the Bible to learn the MORE God has for me. It means comfort and good cheer – and we get to take that from Him. Take is the same word as receive in the Greek. We are to receive from Jesus, the courage we need in those moments when things feel shaky. Each example in the New Testament is where something very significant has just happened, or is happening, or will happen. Jesus knows…and He provides for us all that we need.

Where in your life do you need to take courage right now? Take a moment to take a deep breath, sit with the Lord in that moment and take courage from Him. He is always with you, and will never leave or forsake you.