Who are you listening to?

Who’s voice are you listening to? 

Like many, I purpose each new year to settle into fresh habits.  I exercise more, eat cleaner, and focus on getting enough sleep. One of my favorite things is to begin again in reading the Bible through in a year.  (I almost made it last year and only had a couple of gaps in my reading plan!) This year as I started out in Genesis, it felt different and a sense of renewal washed over me.  I was excited to begin once again!   Something jumped out at me that I had never seen before as I read through a few of the chapters. I love how that happens! Without fail, I am always seeing something new in the Bible!  I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you what the Lord showed me! 

There are always many choices when it comes to listening.  We can listen to the multiple messages of the world that are filled with so many hard things right now.  We can listen to the voice of friends or family that perhaps are confused, frustrated, angry or depressed.  We can choose to listen to the enemy himself, as the accuser of our souls, and buy into that whole process of condemnation.  Job had a similar choice offered to him through his story and it took a few chapters to learn who he was truly listening to.  He chose to believe in God, no matter what the circumstances.  I want to purpose to do that too!  But how does that play out in my life?   

This time I saw the question, “Who are you listening to?”  This was apparent in the garden, with Adam and Eve, when God asked “Who told you that you were naked?” (Gen 3:11)  It again popped up when Abram listened to the voice of Sarai about how to have an heir. (Gen 16:2)  It dawned on me with such clarity that it is so important to know who we are listening to! Generations were affected by these actions taken after listening to the wrong source. 

I am encouraged in so many ways by this new revelation.  First, God is always speaking and this is a great reminder for me. (Zeph 3:16) As a follower of Jesus Christ, and the privilege of living on this side of the cross, I have access to the Father at all times. (Eph 2:18)  I don’t have to follow the rules of the tabernacle regarding availability to our Holy God only given to the high priest, and only once a year at that!  I get to have conversations at any time and even walk with God.  Why would I want to listen to anything or anyone else but Him?  

When I am not sure who I am hearing, I am learning to test the source – as the source of the voice reveals the character in the message.  If it is comforting, loving, teaching, counseling then I can be assured it is the Holy Spirit Himself.  If it is not, it is most likely not from Him!   I can also ask myself a simple question “ Would the Lord say that to me?” This is a way to take those thoughts captive and to not even let those in that are destructive and untrue.  More freedom to receive!   

What would happen in our days if we took a few minutes in the morning to just quietly listen….to receive from our Father what we need for the day.  

I want to challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself this question… “Who am I listening to?”